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“Equipping God’s people for the work of the ministry"
Ephesians 4:12


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Building Effective Ministry Teams: Revitalization is a team effort. This workshop will show you some how to build unified teams that work together effectively.

Revitalization & Long Term Succession Planning: Every pastor is an interim pastor so wise leaders plan for the eventual changes whether they are 1 year away to 10 years away.

Dr. Steve Tomlinson is a Long Island native. His undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Religion were completed at SUNY Stony Brook and he earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the pastor of Shelter Rock Church, a multi-site church in Nassau County.

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Everyday Spiritual Growth: Whether you're stuck in a rut or growing like a weed, learn five keys to get yourself going or ways to keep growing.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Life as a Disciple or Life as a Christian: Christians go to church. Disciples are the church. Christians follow traditions. Disciples follow Jesus. Only three things last for eternity. Take the next step towards living a life that can make an impact for eternity.

Gregg is a campus pastor at Shelter Rock Church on Long Island. He’s also the founding pastor of Mosaic Manhattan Church (now Lower Manhattan Community Church). Gregg is a pizza snob and loves the Mets so much he worked as a vendor for three years to get into games for free. His main redeeming quality is his marriage to Janine. She makes him look good and they’ve got three incredible daughters. Gregg is the creator of the Bottom Line Bible app and published two spiritual growth books: 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith and 52 Reasons to Believe. Learn more at

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Turning Your Church Inside Out: Offers biblical principles and practical suggestions to help members become outward focused and engage in God's Mission beyond the four walls of the church.

Changing Communities, Unchanging Mission: Explores the changes occurring in suburban communities and how the unchanging gospel still remains relevant today.

George Russ is Executive Director of the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association. MNYBA is a family churches of diverse sizes, ethnicities, languages, and contexts that cooperate together to make disciples of all people. MNYBA connects local churches for global impact by planting culturally and contextually appropriate New Testament Churches, raising up biblically trained, Kingdom minded leaders, equipping churches to meet the spiritual, physical, social need of people. We network with global partners to provide resources for evangelism, church planting, community ministry and volunteer missions.


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